Short & Sweet on 49th Parallel and Lucky’s Doughnuts

Doing exactly as the title says, keeping this post on 49th Parallel Café & Lucky’s Doughnuts short and simple. No really, I just don’t have much to say because this foodie adventure lasted under half an hour and was sort of an impulse one after school.

As previously mentioned, I am a sweet tooth (and I find that really funny because I am late-night snacking on some Kjeldsen’s Butter Cookies as I type) so finding a small cafe on my list was a relatively easy task. After some simple navigating around Google Maps, boom, there I had it – 49th Parallel Café and Lucky’s Doughnuts on West 4th Avenue. The location is quite convenient if you are commuting like I did, because the cafe is situated at a very visible corner.

Once I opened the door to the busy shop, I was greeted with a strong aroma of roasted coffee beans – much, much stronger than the usual one you get from Starbucks. Although not a coffee drinker, I still find the beverage a pleasant smell. Looking around, I spotted a long line-up of customers of all ages, which was no surprise because I had gone shortly after school. The café gave off a “cute” impression with its pastel jade coloured walls, similar to the Tiffany & Co. shade.

Seeing I knew literally nothing about the drink menu for being a non-coffee drinker, I decided to turn my attention to the doughnuts instead. Coming solo sucked because I was only able to purchase a maximum of 2 before I was too full to even move. I settled for the Lemon Bismarck ($3.25) and the Cinnamon Sugar ($2.75), both a typical “Fiona” choice. As my turn to pay came along, I was still contemplating between hot chocolate or some sort of caffeinated beverage. This time, I took a chance and ordered a Milk Jam Latté (around $3.35 – can’t remember what else the cashier suggested to me, perhaps vanilla).

Filled with lemon curd on the inside, and bearing a yellow band around the outside, the Lemon Bismarck was like eating a doughnut version of lemon meringue pie. What really struck me was the insane amount of filling concealed within. I literally was just picking a filter for my picture on my phone when the yellow curd started oozing out of the doughnut – but no worries, nothing went to waste.



The Cinnamon Sugar doughnut (pictured on the right in the first photo) was similar to the first, in that they were both covered in sugar. I ate this one after I finished the Lemon Bismarck, so there was a lesser impression because the lemon flavour lingered on my taste buds as opposed to the duller cinnamon. That didn’t mean the Cinnamon Sugar was bad though. I just personally prefer the Lemon Bismarck more because the Cinnamon Sugar was slightly chewier and harder.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

As for the Milk Jam Latté, there really isn’t much I can comment on because I don’t usually drink coffee, but what I can tell you is that after asking the cashier to repeat himself twice, milk jam essentially is “condensed milk with an almost caramel flavour”. The teal coffee cup, needless to say, was adorable (as with the art)! Until this foodie adventure, I never knew that coffee and doughnuts tasted so well together. So well that I actually finished the latté in a shorter amount of time than usual, because I can take forever to finish a hot beverage.


Going through the location tag on Instagram, I noticed that there are different types of doughnuts offered on different days as well, such as Orange Pistachio and Coconut Bismarck (which I would like to try one day). In fact, my own picture on Instagram brought a friend of mine and his girlfriend to their cafe the next day, so you are welcome for the free marketing!

P.S. Lucky’s Doughnuts, according to their website, are part of a side project established by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters themselves, so there is no surprise why the two collaborated and opened across various locations (Main St.).

Jokes, this post didn’t turn out to be that “short” after all.

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