Bacon Ice Cream is (at) Edible

Now that I’ve successfully captured your attention, I can reaffirm that yes, Edible Canada at the Market at Granville Island indeed has this specialty dessert on their menu. Sadly, despite being super hyped to try this out, the Bacon Ice Cream lived up to its name – gross. Don’t get me wrong, I still think bacon and ice cream taste awesome on their own. The other dessert option however, the Canadian butter tart, proved to be unexpectedly good, which I will mention later.

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I always believed dessert to be the best part of the meal because that’s what completes the whole dining experience. Anyway, before I get too carried away with talking about the last course of the meal, I should probably start from the beginning in the proper chronological order. Edible Canada at the Market had reached my To Try list because of recent photos posted by my friends, once again. Since DineOut had not ended yet, I seized the opportunity to visit the Granville Island bistro with Michelle. Featuring a $25 DineOut menu (not the usual $28… maybe this is the same kind of marketing tactic that Joe Fortes used as well), we were offered a generous variety to choose from; 3 appetizers, 3 entrées, and 2 desserts. The two of us shared the entire meal so we could try a little bit of everything.

I didn’t like the soup they offered (Celeriac & Apple Soup with Vij’s garam masala and chive oil), so I opted for my second favourite appetizer: the Pacific Fish Cakes, paired with ginger, green onion, chili aioli, and mixed field greens. While the fish cakes were average (I personally prefer the one from Joe Fortes more), the batter was light and crispy, which I liked. I particularly enjoyed the aioli – the sauce always seems to appear in dishes I like the most.

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Michelle went for the Yarrow Meadows Duck Rillette (add-on option of $2), which had Rougie foie gras, Saskatoon berries, Canadian mustard, pickled onions, and crostini. Truly Edible CANADA at the Market! If you are seeking to share an appetizer with your friends, this is the right one to go with. Served neatly on a wooden cutting board, this reminded me of the similar Meat & Bread concept. The foie gras was served chilly in a mini canning jar, which I felt made dipping the crostini relatively easy for us. I was surprised we were given so much of the delicacy, because restaurants usually seem unwilling to give a little more than a pinch. Both of us really liked this appetizer (other than the unappealing layer of fat on the foie gras).

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The 2 of us had to pick between 3 entrées, and that was no easy choice. Again, the Porchetta Sandwich reminded me of Meat & Bread, so I decided as soon as my eyes caught the word “mushroom” that the Wild Mushroom Fricassee would be my lunch. This was my first fricassee I have tried, and according to the internet, meat is usually included in the dish. Mine didn’t, but instead had fall harvest vegetables, mushroom jus, soft-boiled eggs, and Amola truffle salt. Not a bad choice, but I wish there was a bigger portion to satisfy my big appetite. The egg was delicious though – I love soft-boiled eggs and the way the yolk slowly spills onto your tongue every time.

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Michelle chose the Albacore Tuna Niçoise (hey, doesn’t that sound familiar? Why yes, I had one recently at Showcase Restaurant & Bar), which also had the soft-boiled egg, along with fingerling potato, squash, kale, niçoise, and anchovies. We both didn’t like the anchovies but the entrée overall was decent, with the right amount of seared albacore tuna. The portions without a doubt were smaller than my own Wild Mushroom Fricassee.

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Now, onto the better dessert instead of the Bacon Ice Cream. The Canadian butter tart was amaaaaazing! A part of me was afraid that the macerated raisins would be sprinkled atop the pastry, but good thing they ended up being served scattered across the rest of the plate so they were easy to push aside. The tart was served at the perfect temperature, with the chantilly cream slowly oozing down the side as we dug our spoons in. Good things come in small sizes – the tart was tiny, but was just enough to leave a satisfying impression.

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The original DineOut menu offered Chili Dark Chocolate Pudding with maple whipped cream and cocoa nibs, but Bacon Ice Cream was offered in lieu of the pudding because they had run out. I wonder what the Chocolate Pudding would have tasted like.

Situated within Granville Island, the Canadian bistro gave diners a wonderfully-built space illuminated by sunlight shining through their glass windows. The idea of having a retail store conveniently located footsteps away reminded me greatly of my adventures in Quebec this past summer, at a famous chocolate shop called Chocolats Favoris in Lévis.

Sidenote, their co-ed bathrooms were interestingly constructed, with shared sinks and only a turn around the corner separating them from the rest of the bistro. Yeah, I try to make the effort to visit bathrooms at each restaurant to see if they actually care about the whole appearance of the place. Sometimes I feel like a Vancouver Coastal Health inspector… Just kidding. I’m a daydreamer writing about my dining experiences, remember?

Side-sidenote, here is a link I found that shows which restaurants have extended their DineOut menu, as far as the end of this month! Enjoy!

Edible Canada at the Market on Urbanspoon

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